Light has no volume, no texture - though, of course, it certainly does. We feel it - it takes up perceptual space. We are sensitive to light as it shifts and pulses, laying the foundations of our experience. Light tugs - penetrates, fills, dims, morphs, moves - over and with us, our collective connective tissue.

Despite the rich complexity of experience that can be enabled by light and shadow, the prominent models for lighting design yield flat, static environments that directly undermine its medium. The application of universal standards prescribes a sameness that makes one feel reduced to a single way of being in the world - over-lit and fully revealed.

At Sliver Shoe, we push back against these models by designing with relative standards, from experience out. By allowing for shadow to support light, we design suggestive spaces that welcome inhabitants to participate in their completion, not just seeing, but feeling a space, allowing for a tactile experience to emerge. A tactile light allows us to both understand space as it unfolds for us, as well as with all of our senses. At its best, light helps us render a narrative through space, allowing our own unique identities to grow into (and out of) a particular place. At Silver Shoe we aim to help you shape your idenity - our medium is light.